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Make profit consistently.  To achieve regular income you need to vary the casinos you play at.  But many casinos will freeze your cash if they spot you using the Mayer system.

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Don’t worry though.  There are plenty of casinos that will allow you to play with any methods you like.  The following casinos have been vetted personally so all you need to do is to join several and vary play between them.  I have used all of these with the Mayer Technique without problems.

The reason I use redirect links here are so that I can monitor all the casinos and update the list to ensure that these casinos all offer you the highest rewards with minimum risk.  Casinos with any complaints against the system are removed from the list and replaced.  If you have any feedback on any of these casinos please email me on and I will ensure the casino is investigated and, if necessary, replaced on the list.


List last updated: Jul 2024


Remember – Switch casinos regularly – and always after a good winning run.  You can go back to the original one a week or two later so there’s no need to close the account.  By joining several of these safe casinos you also benefit from their free joining bonuses.

The casinos above have all been vetted and are 100% safe.



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